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Mortgage Life Insurance Protection

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So you bought your first house! It’s the largest purchase you have ever made, and you will be paying off that debt over the next 15, 20 or even 30 years. You have homeowners insurance to protect you from a house fire, but do you have mortgage life insurance protection  to protect your loved ones in the event of your untimely death?  Mortgage life insurance is usually written as a term policy for 10, 20 or 30-years.  Mortgage life insurance can provide your family with income to payoff your mortgage in the event of your death.  Having this coverage can be very affordable and is available is nearly any amount.  It also reduces the stress of your spouse having to find a way to supplement their income in order to make the mortgage  payment.

Mortgage life insurance isn’t just for the person who makes the majority of income.  It is also important for the spouse who stays home, or has a part-time job.  If your spouse stays home with the children and they suddenly pass away, do you think you could go back to work within a few days?  You are going to want to take time off to grieve with your family and get through this difficult time.  Work should not make an already tragic and stressful situation even worse.  A mortgage life policy can provide you with additional income so you don’t have work dwelling on your mind.  When you finally decide to go back to work, your kids will need to be cared for.  The additional income you received from your spouses life policy can help offset the costs of needing to put your children in daycare or paying for a babysitter.  Nobody wants the worst to happen, but if it does, having mortgage life insurance protection will offer you peace of mind.

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We’re back and we have the 5 W’s of Life Insurance!

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Who needs Life Insurance?

Anyone with dependents, human or otherwise, might need life insurance.  The only group that may not need Life insurance are those who have raised and educated children that are now living independently, or people who have accumulated sufficient assets to support a surviving spouse.

What type of Life Insurance is available?

“Term” insurance forms the base of every life insurance policy. It’s like renting a safety net: The owner pays a fixed premium toward a concrete payoff over a specified length time. If you die during this time period, the insurance company pays the amount promised in your policy. When the policy reaches its deadline, the coverage ends.  Most companies will offer their customer an option to continue coverage but the rate may change.

Whole life offers term insurance’s set payoff for a set premium, except this policy doesn’t come with an ending date. You’ll pay the premium for the rest of your life, unless you decide to cash in and receive the cash value as a lump sum.

When should I get Life Insurance?

If you have dependents and do not have sufficient assets to support them for the remainder of their lives, you need Life Insurance today.  Call us at 760-564-3888 or email Jonathan@3rdgenerationinsurance and we will help get you properly insured.

Where can I get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is not something that you want to be misinformed about.  Calling the company directly does not guarantee a lower rate and it can also add to your responsibilities because you are typically responsible for orchestrating your own medical exam and essentially handle your own account.

Your Insurance Agents should provide customer service that walks you through annual statements, untangles payment problems and interprets fine print. If you tend to like the Internet’s no-nonsense quoting capability, be careful. If you buy the wrong plan or choose the wrong company, you probably won’t realize the mistake for 20 years.

Why should I have Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides instant liquidity to meet the financial obligations that are due upon your death. It’s money to complete what you can’t finish. It’s also not taxable income.  It also provides comfort in knowledge that even if you can’t be there, your loved one’s will be taken care of.

Let us help you find the covereage that you need in order to keep your family secure.

Time to Review our Life Insurance Needs!

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With the arrival of the newest member of the 3rd Generation Insurance family, we had to increase our life insurance coverage.  Now we have one more mouth to feed, one more college tuition to plan for and one more wedding to pay for!  And of course a lifetime of blessings!  Welcome to the family baby girl number3 and thank you to Silvia Guzman for the darling hair bows!  She’s the best dressed baby we know!   If your family is growing, let us help you protect your family’s security. or 760-564-3888